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Our premium software technologies are used to provide product and service for various Industries solutions such as Cab Booking Services, Hospital Management, Cyber Security, Tax Portal and IoT across vertical markets worldwide.

Welcome To ICBL Solutions Private Limited

Established in 2021, ICBL Solutions is a new IT Services startup Company based in India.

ICBL Solutions has been developed by a passionate group of software engineers from different Institutions like NIE-Mysore and CUSAT in India and an experienced deployment team in Bengaluru and Patna, India. The team invented an entirely new way and affordable product for customer to achieve their needs or requirements at single portal by using web and Mobile app from anywhere.

ICBL commits 100% end-to-end solutions on all products and services. ICBL Solutions has strong motto of customer’s satisfaction with high quality products and services. ICBL Solutions as a company strongly believes and encourages in “You Grow, We Grow.”

Our services span from Product Development, Application Management Outsourcing, Packaged Application Services, Verification and Testing, Remote Infrastructure Management, Product Support to higher value-added offerings including Built Platform and Product Engineering Services.

ICBL has started as a software company from Bengaluru as main office and Patna in India. Our Headquarter is located at Bengaluru, India. ICBL Solution has a highly skillful global workforce across USA and India.

USA - +1 (508) 834-0834
India - +91-6361-6788-30

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